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1What companies use a fleet management system?
No matter your industry, the size of your fleet, the vehicle type or what they are used for, your company will improve, grow and prosper after implementing itrack . itrack has been designed to be equally beneficial for a single user monitoring an employee in a work vehicle, to a logistics company with 1000s of vehicles and assets worldwide.
2Why track your fleet?
itrack will instantly transform your entire fleet in to a streamlined, efficient, economical operation, with you in the driving seat. You will have all of the tools conveniently available in place to ensure your company is fulfilling its earning ability as well as providing the highest customer service possible. From route planning for your drivers, to reliably documenting over-time, to eliminating excessive fuel and maintenance costs, it doesn’t matter what your vehicles are used for you will have a detailed log of every single journey, giving you the vital information needed to ensure that you have full control of your fleet.
3Is itrack easy to use?
Extremely easy! itrack has been designed to be extremely user-friendly, quick to set up and will slot straight in to your daily activity without having to learn or download complex software. Just log straight in to your private Mapping Panel from any computer and you’ll be able to remotely control your fleet. Wherever they are in the world, from wherever you are in the world.
4Will it take long to setup?
No! We have designed itrack to be quick and simple to get started with, and for you to see the results straight away! The majority of companies/individuals already know that they will benefit from a fleet tracking system for their vehicles. However, it can also be off-putting if you think it will be time-consuming to set up. That’s why itrack has been designed to be quick and simple to get started with. Your company’s mapping portal is set up in seconds and our expect technicians install the trackers into your vehicles. This means that you could have your entire fleet running more efficiently by this time tomorrow!

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